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Thank You

Hello Class of 2011, thanks for making the “Colleges that Change Lives” event a great night! I received tons of positive feedback from many different representatives, saying that all of you asked excellent questions and represented the NAC extremely well.

Now that you’ve been to a few college fairs, you may be feeling really overwhelmed with information. That’s totally normal, so don’t worry. You probably have a big pile of glossy brochures and pamphlets next to your bed or stuffed in your backpack. If you have a few minutes, try going through that pile and dividing them into three, smaller piles of: schools you are definitely applying to, schools you want to learn more about, and schools you’re not interested in.

For the schools you know you want to apply to, consider applying for Early Action because, hey, you know you want to go there, so why not find out if you can get in earlier than everybody else?

For the schools you want to know more about, conduct a little research. Go online and check out their site; email one of the representatives and ask some pointed questions; tell me, and I’ll see if we can get them out here to give a presentation.

For the schools you know you have no interest in, donate the brochures to the center or pass them on to a friend who may find the information useful!

Also, check out the link I just added, entitled “How to Choose a College That’s Right for You.” This article provides some excellent tips on how to figure out where to apply.

Finally, I want some of your feedback. What schools struck your interest at the fair? Leave me a comment, and I’ll be sure and contact them and see if they are worthy of you 🙂

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