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Setting up your College Greenlight account

In case you missed the Junior College Knowledge class this week, here are the instructions on how to set up your College Greenlight account. Start at, and then follow the Prezi embedded below.

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Don’t Panic

But the deadlines for college applications are approaching.

This does not mean that you should stop reading this and go submit your application.

This does mean that you should:

  • Gather your transcripts.
  • Have a trusted college guidance counselor offer feedback on your personal statement(s) (not the day before, but now).
  • Ask your counselor and teachers for letters of recommendations (before you write their information down. If you need guidance, check here)
  • Carefully fill out your application and have a trusted college guidance counselor review for common mistakes.
  • And then click the submit button.

So now that you have been reminded, don’t procrastinate! The online applications will get more and more crowded as the deadlines get closer. If you’re applying to California State University (CSU/Cal State) or University of California (UC) schools, word to the wise: the website will crash frequently during the final days.

And if you need a reminder on the application sites: CSU, UC, Common Application (for many private colleges and universities). If the school you are applying to can’t be found here, Google is your best friend. Find the school’s website and look for their “Apply” tab/button/page.

Again – Don’t Panic. But do get a move on. The worst rejection from a college or university is the one you give yourself by missing the deadline.

So get your app in gear and get ready to submit!

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HOWTO: Send SAT scores to colleges/universities

You have been asking how to send your SAT scores to your colleges, and we have heard!

Here’s how to do it:

1.)    Go to the College Board website, click on SAT (at the top, on the left)
2.)    Click on Send Scores on the right-hand side
3.)    You’ll be prompted to sign in, so do so 🙂
4.)    Choose your colleges from their search tool
5.)    Add the schools you want to send scores to
6.)    Click on order scores.

HELPFUL HINT: If you’re applying to California State University schools (a.k.a Cal States a.k.a CSUs), send your score to California State University Mentor [NAME OF CAMPUS].  They’ll send scores to all the CSUs you applied to. DO NOT send them to a specific CSU campus. It has to be the MENTOR one for all of the CSUs to get your scores in 1 go.


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