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Transcripts are due!

Hi Folks, just a reminder to send your transcripts, with your Fall grades on them, to the Cal States and to any other schools that asked for them. Even if you sent them in when you applied, you need to send your most recent ones. Even if you’ve been accepted, you need to send your most recent ones.

Let me tell you a little story. Last year, one of our students was accepted to CSUF (Go Titans!). He thought he was in the clear, stopped checking his CSUF “portal,” and missed the note on his “to do” link to send in his 7th semester transcripts. A couple of days after the deadline, he realized his mistake, and quickly sent them. However, it was to no avail. Because he missed the deadline, he had his admission acceptance taken away. Unfortunately, it was his only acceptance, and he is now attending community college. He missed a big opportunity just because he failed to check his portal and meet a simple deadline.

Please don’t let the same thing happen to you. Make sure you meet all your deadlines and follow through with any documents the schools request. After all, you don’t want to give me a heart attack, right?

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Scholarship Notebook is in the House!

Hi Folks, just wanted to let you know that we now have Scholarship Notebooks at both centers. If you want to check them out, ask Susana or Fernando. Many scholarship deadlines are coming up, so be sure to apply and get some money 🙂

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New Fee Hike at the UCs and Cal States

Hi Folks, the UC Regents and Cal State leaders are proposing fee hikes for next year (8% for UCs and 10% for Cal States). Historically, whenever fee hikes have been proposed for these schools, they have been approved. With the 32% UC tuition increase this academic year, this bring the grand increase total to 40% in two years. Click on the link below to read all about it!,0,3394988.story

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Fun fact (ok, not really)!

Did you know that 70% of students who enter a community college with the intent to transfer or earn an A.A. degree drop out?  Furthermore, the transfer rate of Hispanic students to four-year universities is only 22%.


Read all about it here:,0,6320186.story



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Scholarship Extravaganza!

Hi Everybody,

Below, you will find links to numerous scholarships. There may be a perfect match for you, so check them out!

Holocaust Remembrance Scholarships:

Ayn Rand Essay Scholarships:

Brand Essay Competition:

Gates Millennium Scholarships (major):

Xerox Scholarships for Students:

Saul T. Wilson Scholarships (Veterinary):

Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund:

FinAid: The Smart Students Guide to Financial Aid scholarships:

Presidential Freedom Scholarships:

Microsoft Scholarship Program:

William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students:

College Board Scholarship Search:

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College Visits this Week!

Hello Seniors!

FYI, we have two college visits this week:

Chapman University will be coming to NAC II on Wednesday at 5:00. Don’t worry NAC I students, they’re coming to NAC I as well, but I haven’t officially scheduled the visit yet.

University of Puget Sound will be visiting NAC II on Thursday at 3:30, then coming straight over to NAC I at 5:15. Since visiting two centers in one day takes a lot of time and energy on the part of the school’s representative, let’s make sure that we’re all on board to give him a big NAC welcome.

Also, my schedule this week is as follows:

Monday: NAC II

Tuesday: NAC I

Wednesday: NAC II

Thursday: out of office

Friday: out of office

Remember, even if I’m not at your particular center, you can always call or email me 🙂

See you soon and study hard!

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Colgate University is coming this Wednesday!

Hello Class of 2011,

We’re honored to welcome Colgate University to NAC on Wednesday, September 22nd at 4:30 at NAC I. This is an excellent school, and one of our members from the Class of 2010, Jessica Aquino, is already going there!

They also have a fly-in program, which their representative will be discussing during her presentation. Woooo-whooo!

NAC II students–please sign up with Fernando and be at the center at 3:45. We will be picking you up then–so don’t be late!

See you all soon 🙂

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