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HOWTO: Send SAT scores to colleges/universities

You have been asking how to send your SAT scores to your colleges, and we have heard!

Here’s how to do it:

1.)    Go to the College Board website, click on SAT (at the top, on the left)
2.)    Click on Send Scores on the right-hand side
3.)    You’ll be prompted to sign in, so do so 🙂
4.)    Choose your colleges from their search tool
5.)    Add the schools you want to send scores to
6.)    Click on order scores.

HELPFUL HINT: If you’re applying to California State University schools (a.k.a Cal States a.k.a CSUs), send your score to California State University Mentor [NAME OF CAMPUS].  They’ll send scores to all the CSUs you applied to. DO NOT send them to a specific CSU campus. It has to be the MENTOR one for all of the CSUs to get your scores in 1 go.



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