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Transition Questions

So your Senior Year is winding down to it’s close. The Graduation Countdown measures weeks now, not months or years. And in just a few more weeks, you’ll be heading to college.

This time can be exciting and terrifying, move faster and slower than your most interesting and boring classes, and leave you more sure and unsettled than you thought possible. But more than anything, you probably have more questions now than when you started this whole process.

And those questions are precisely the topic of this blog! So, in preparation for the transition you’re stepping into, we’re going to be starting a series looking at transitioning to college. Starting now.

The first question you’re probably facing is something along the lines of “Am I ready for college?” And you’re probably not even thinking of it in those terms. This question sneaks up in the form of statements and other questions. In fact, many of the questions we’ll explore stem from this uncertainty.

The funny thing about the answer is that it walks the middle of the road. You are and you aren’t ready for college.

You are ready for college if you’ve gone to school, paid attention in class, talked with teachers/counselors/mentors/parents, and learned as much about your future school as you can without attending. You are as prepared as everyone else who will be part of your freshman class.

You aren’t ready, however, because college is an entirely different beast than high school. The work load is more than you anticipate, and the expectations your professors and school will place on you are higher. You’re an adult now, and with that comes all of the responsibilities for your time, energy, and money. You will have to learn how to balance all of your commitments in a way that makes you more successful and sets you up on the path you’d like to travel.

I know that second part is not reassuring. But what I haven’t mentioned yet is that everyone is in the same boat.

College is a time where you grow into adulthood and take your first steps down a very long path. And though you might have an idea of where you’d like to end up, the path shifts and wanders. And so do you.

I have yet to meet someone who walked out of college the exact same person they were when they walked in. You learn new ideas and ways of doing life, and you learn more of your preferences and passions, and you change.

And there’s no way to prepare for that.

So, we’ll talk about the other questions, like roommates and culture shock and being a college student. But know this: You’re not alone, and you’re as ready as you’ll ever be for college.

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