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FAFSA Deadline this week

It is that time of the year. Again. FAFSA submission season.

March 2 is screaming up on us like a Decepticon. In fact, it’s this Friday. Thank goodness for leap years.

Why does March 2 matter? Because, if you’re a California resident, March 2 is the absolute last day to file your FAFSA in order to qualify for the Cal Grants. And Cal Grants will cover most of the fees for the CSU system.

You can submit your FAFSA even if you or your parents haven’t completed your taxes yet. If you’re going to file a little closer to the tax deadline, just select “Will file” when you get to that question. And use your 2010 taxes to fill out the financial information.

So you get on that paperwork and make sure you submit your FAFSA before March 2 becomes March 3.

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Placement Test Registration

College is not all about tests, but it is difficult to tell that from the number of tests the schools require for entry. Especially since now is the time to register for the placement exams.

Every school wants to make sure that you begin your time with them in the best class for your skill level in the basics – Math and English. Some schools will also require a science placement test, so be sure to check for that as well.

These exams are not intended to keep you out of their schools. They are designed to make sure you have the best chance to succeed and graduate from their institution.

So don’t be afraid. Make sure you sign up to take their exam, and then follow all of the advice you’ve been given for standardized tests in your high school career. Get plenty of sleep, show up early, remember to breathe, and do your best.

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Final transcripts

“What do they mean by ‘final transcripts’?”

This seems to be the question of the year this spring. California State Universities, and other schools, require students to send in their transcripts after their grades post for the fall semester of their senior year. They make this requirement unclear by asking  for final transcripts mid-year.

Do not wait to send your transcripts from the end of your senior year. They want your final grades from the first semester. Which means, by this time, your school has the final transcripts the schools are looking for.

Which is convenient since they need the copy of your final transcripts now.

So if you have been waiting until you take those last final exams of your High School career to send your schools your final transcripts, don’t. Go into your counselor’s office as soon as possible and request that they send the colleges your official transcripts.

Seriously, go. Now. Quick.

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